Superzoom Cameras

The super zoom camera range gives you up to 40x zoom with framing assistance and a range of smart connectivity, for capturing and sharing on the move.

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Canon PowerShot ZOOM Telephoto Monocular Compact Camera Essential Kit, White

  • A compact telephoto camera kit complete with a power charger and microSD card
  • 3 step zoom¹, 12.1 MP, 4-axis optical IS, Full HD movies, 10 fps
  • Point and shoot, AF, USB-C charging², 2.36 MP Electronic Viewfinder, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®³

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Pack a super zoom camera on your next trip and experience super-sharp shots, super-close up on your travels. Available with 4K, full HD, framing assist, tilting screens and Wi-Fi connectivity, there’s a super zoom camera and a range of accessories to help you snap and share unforgettable moments as they happen.