Pocket Cameras

A pocket camera is a compact digital camera that fits straight into your pocket. While retaining high-quality resolution and high zoom capabilities, the fixed lens Canon pocket camera is your one-stop-shop for travel, festivals, sports and family days out.

Our range of pocket digital cameras includes the PowerShot Zoom, one of our most popular pocket cameras.

Introducing our new pocketable vlogging solution in Powershot V10. With a built in microphone and stand, the flip touch screen enables you to shoot on the go. Achieve high image quality and live streaming to social media platforms with ease.

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A pocket digital camera is a step up from your smartphone, letting you get closer to the action with impressive zoom, and offering high-quality results.

Despite this, a pocket camera weighs about the same as your phone, letting you keep it in your pocket while on the go. Other features include fantastic storage capabilities and image stabilisation that enhances the clarity of your final image.

All of our pocket cameras can connect to Wi-Fi, letting you access the camera via the Canon Camera Connect App. This means you can take images via your phone before posting to social media.