Beginners Mirrorless Cameras

Take the leap from smartphone and compact cameras to state-of-the-art photography with a mirrorless camera for beginners. Combining the might of a DSLR inside a compact body, an entry level mirrorless camera offers a step up thanks to a range of advanced features.

Find lenses to match your entry level mirrorless camera in our Camera Lenses for Beginners guide.

For a high quality easy to use camera, view EOS R100. Perfect for capturing those precious moments, make the step up from smartphone and benefit from intuitive controls, instant autofocus and connectivity features for sharing with friends and family.

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A mirrorless camera for beginners offers a great outlet for creativity and experimentation thanks to interchangeable lenses and innovative functionality.

Fans of compact cameras will enjoy smartphone level portability and professional DSLR-standard photography with the smaller APS-C format EOS M camera system. Wide-ranging features and lens compatibility make EOS M a great csc camera for beginners.

Do you have existing lenses to use with your mirrorless camera for beginners? Our EF-EOS M Adapter and Removable Tripod Mount allows you to use EF and EF-S lenses with any EOS M camera.

Explore the EOS R50, our entry-level APS-C camera for creating one step further content. Benefit from a mirrorless camera that balances performance and quality in a compact body.